Remembering: The Society of the Spectacle

I was just remembering the first installation I presented in NYC . It was a collection based on intellectuals. They are inspiring because they explore new ideas to expand human consciousness.

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Invierno, inspiration, introspection

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When everything else is moving around

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Ofrenda de muertos

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Marvin dancing

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My sister just ran a marathon this weekend. It is inspiring to see her go through the process. Having a clear goal in mind to help her open up to experience the present.

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The ring I designed for W Mexico city

I was invited to design a ring that represents Paola Hernandez and W hotels, particularly the one in Mexico city.

I decided to represent my process.

The black stone, corian, represents the silence from where I create. The silver structure around it represents the expression, the connection with the world.

The W does the same, creates an intimate space connected to the world.

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